Patient Spotlight: Debbie Wilkerson

Photo of Debbie WilkersonFrom primary care to diabetes education, chronic care management to nutrition, FamilyCare patient Debbie Wilkerson knows that she’s in good hands. FamilyCare’s quality, whole-person care ensures that Debbie can continue to participate in the many activities she loves.

Where are you from?

Newark, New Jersey originally, but I currently live a ride down the road from FamilyCare’s Patrick Street office.

What are your favorite things to do?

I like movies and plays, and I love to cook. I also love children and have been an advocate for seniors for roughly 30 years.

How long have you been a patient of FamilyCare?

I’ve been a FamilyCare patient for about seven years.

What do you value most about your experience with FamilyCare?

They’re so attentive, pleasant and the doctors really explain things to you. They give me the details of everything that is going on and they refer me to good doctors, too, if I need a specialist. They’ve helped me get into their diabetes education program and have helped me do what I need to do.

What would you tell someone interested in becoming a FamilyCare patient?

If you’re looking for a doctor that’s going to take care of you—because that’s what FamilyCare does—this is where to go. I know everyone who helps out and works here and they all know me. And they helped me get on the right path for my health.


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