Patient Spotlight: Thomas Harris

Thomas Harris


Why did you choose FamilyCare?

I came to FamilyCare because of their proximity to where I live in Buffalo. They have several locations and they are convenient for me to get to them when I need them. I like the way that FamilyCare helps me out. The community health worker that takes care of me makes sure I get to my doctor.

How has FamilyCare helped to solve any problems you might have?

My doctor’s been helpful. Anything that I have going on with me medically, FamilyCare’s been sure that everything is being taken care of. They work with other providers that care for me as well.


What would you tell someone who is looking to FamilyCare for their healthcare needs?

They’ve been able to help me in several ways, so I’d tell someone if they’re wanting a place that cares for all aspects of your health, they should visit FamilyCare.


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