Introducing St. Albans East: FamilyCare’s New Patient Contact Center

When the first call appeared on the wall board of our new patient contact center (PCC) during opening day this past September 2021, it was a moment of celebration.


FamilyCare created the PCC to better serve our community by bringing our customer service staff together under a single roof; we have the potential to improve operational efficiency and further enhance our delivery of services. Though we considered many potential locations, we ultimately settled on a spacious building positioned right at the center of our service area. After extensive renovation, the former Save-A-Lot has successfully been transformed into what we now refer to as our St. Albans East location housing our call and distribution centers, human resources, and quality assurance departments. 


St. Albans East has the capacity to accommodate FamilyCare’s ongoing expansion including administrative staff necessary to ensure that we continue operating efficiently and patients continue to receive the highest quality of care. 


“We’re here to support our patients in every way we can,” said Fran Coleman, senior vice president and chief operating officer at FamilyCare. “Already, the PCC is increasing ease of communication and allowing us to meet patients’ needs in a timelier manner. Patients can expect to receive the same level of personable care and customer service as before and expectantly better.”  


All PCC staff complete intensive training that prepares them, not only to treat every patient like family, but also to answer any questions that may arise and efficiently connect them to the vast array of FamilyCare services available. Scheduling for 75 plus providers across 16 locations may not be an easy task, but our team has proven to be up for the challenge.

The St. Albans East location is the most recent step in FamilyCare’s plans to make excellent comprehensive care accessible to as many West Virginia families as possible. 



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