Charleston Family Practice Group to Join the FamilyCare Family

We are currently in the process of transitioning Charleston Family Practice Group into our FamilyCare family. We appreciate your patience during the transition. Dr. Johnston plans to remain at the current location and we are in the process of bringing in more healthcare associates to the Lee St. location to serve your healthcare needs.

We have also provided our FAQ for our most commonly asked questions. You may also contact us at the same CFPG number at 304-342-8513 or at FamilyCare’s number at 304-760-6336.

FAQ’s For CFPG to FamilyCare Transition

Who is FamilyCare? Am I going to recognize anyone at the office?

FamilyCare is an organization that started as WomenCare more than thirty years ago, and has now expanded to include a number of primary care services with multiple locations. Over the years it has expanded considerably and is a major health provider in our area. It is supported in part by the federal government and as such is involved with providing care to residents in under-served communities. FamilyCare is committed to maintaining quality care and to keeping the same friendly and caring environment our patients have come to expect. You’ll see some new faces, to be sure, but also many of the same staff you’ve come to know and trust as patients of CFPG.

Who will be my new doctor?

Dr. Johnston will be staying put. He will be available to see patients moving forward. The practice expects to have nurse practitioners as always, and we are also looking forward to adding one or two additional doctors.

Why are Drs. Kelly and Chaney leaving? Are they relocating?

After 38 years with Charleston Family Practice Group, Dr’s. Chaney and Kelly are simply retiring to spend time with family and to relax. They will not be practicing medicine anywhere else.

Is the office moving?

The office location will not change.

Where will my medical records be kept and in what form?

Your medical records will taken care of by FamilyCare. They are stored in a safe place in digital format and backed up on a regular basis.

If I want my records sent to a new doctor, how do I go about it?

We would love to have you stay with our practice after this transition. But, if you decide to move to a new doctor, you may certainly take your records with you. To get your records, please contact the office at 304-342-8513.

Can I get enough prescriptions filled now to last me another 6 months? What if I run out after my doctor retires?

Medications may be refilled at the discretion of the doctor, taking into account consideration for the proper care and safety of the patient. Long-term refilling may not always be good medicine as some medications and conditions require periodic physician followup. However, we will do our very best to ensure that no one goes without their proper medication during this transition.

Does FamilyCare take my insurance?

FamilyCare takes almost all insurances. We do not anticipate anyone being turned away due to insurance concerns.

I’m about to go on Medicare-can I still come to the same office?

Yes! FamilyCare welcomes Medicare patients.

My family and I like seeing the nurse practitioner. How will this change affect that?

Patients are always welcome to schedule nurse practitioner visits as conditions allow, but typically around one out of every four visits should be with the doctor.

What is the new telephone number? Or will it be the same?

The phone number and address will not change.

If I’m signed up on the patient portal, will that stay the same?

The current portal will no longer function after the transition date. But, arrangements are being made for new ways that you can contact our office digitally. We will let you know about these as we move forward. However FamilyCare does have a portal available to its patients.

What do I do and who do I talk to if I have billing questions about my old bill from CFPG? What about FamilyCare billing questions?

Simply call the CFPG number at 304-342-8513 and tell the receptionist.

I want my spouse and children to become new patients. What is the process for that?

We will continue to accept new patients of all ages. Just call the office to inquire about this.

Will I have to sign a bunch of papers all over again?

Since each patient will be new to FamilyCare, there will be new information sheets to complete with up-to-date information on phone numbers, Social Security number, address, insurance information, privacy policies and so forth. It’s a good idea to update this information on a yearly basis anyway. You can learn more about FamilyCare Health Centers at You can also follow us on social media platforms @FamilyCareWV. If you have additional questions about FamilyCare, feel free to call 304-760-6336.

Download a PDF of Frequently Asked Questions for CFPG


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