20,000 COVID-19 Vaccine Doses and Counting

FamilyCare Vaccine Clinic

As of April 2021, FamilyCare has helped coordinate nearly two dozen vaccine clinics and assisted in administering over 20,000 doses of the vaccine.

Since we administered our first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on December 28th, 2020, the entire FamilyCare staff has worked tirelessly to ensure that FamilyCare patients and members of the community have been able to receive the vaccine as quickly as possible. In partnership with the Putnam, Kanawha, and Boone County Health Departments—along with Cabin Creek Health Centers and community agencies such as Ball Toyota, Hansford Senior Center, and United Way—we have hosted vaccine clinics almost weekly.

Throughout the winter, poor weather conditions posed occasional challenges to transportation and execution of the clinics, but our team and partners pulled together, always finding creative solutions and adapting as necessary. At the same time, FamilyCare has remained open and fully operational to provide regular, ongoing care to patients.

The obstacles we faced these past few months may have been new and unfamiliar, but, as a community, we have risen to the occasion and responded in a manner that reflects our resiliency as West Virginians and our deep commitment to caring for one another.

Every patient who has received the vaccine has expressed immense gratitude—and relief—to volunteers and staff. Following their second dose, many have rejoiced at the ability to hug their loved ones again. At FamilyCare, we believe that’s what it’s all about: each dose of the vaccine administered is so much more than a number. It is a family reunited, peace of mind restored, and perhaps even a life saved. We will continue until this is the reality for every member of our community.


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